Graystone Temple

by Daniel Glen Timms

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released May 16, 2017



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Daniel Glen Timms Nashville, Tennessee

Daniel Glen Timms is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer and audio engineer. His previous albums received critical acclaim, as well as, radio airplay on over 300 radio stations worldwide. His new album, Graystone Temple, references the gray limestone hills that dominate middle Tennessee where he lives and works in his recording studio just outside Nashville. ... more

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Track Name: Wolf
By a foggy creek, in a misty field, I was a little boy. The dream was real, in a misty field. It pained my mind and hurt my heart. Was so unkind, a fear too far. And so I grew up, moved away. Just to survive, learned how to pray. Oh my Lord healed my soul. Showed me where I needed to go. It was so hard to be high and living free from childhood memories of when the Wolf was at the door. Oh, oh, oh It was so hard to find, deep inside my mind. Scars are hard to hide, from when the Wolf was at the door. Oh, oh, oh In the cold, cold ground, I dig a bitter root. I remember now how he was so cruel. I dig a bitter root. Then I grew tall into a man. Mountain of books, didn’t understand. Big city lost, all alone, found no peace, far from home.
Copyright Daniel Glen Timms 2017
Track Name: Ivory
I cry for the elephants dying in this world. See the poachers slaughter almost every herd. What will we feel if they vanish from the Earth? Why can’t we just find a way to to end this wrath? Have you ever seen a mother with her calf? What can we do about this heinous blood bath? They’ll be lost forever, if we don’t come together. for their memory. We’ll be lost forever, if we don’t come together for their memory. Ivory, Ivory. All for the sake of Ivory. Chinese culture trading in their long, white tusks. Carved from great, gray giants turning into dust. What will we think when they finally go extinct? How can we expect to thrive on this Good Earth, when we treat these noble beings worse than dirt? Do you hear what I say? We’re digging our own grave. We can’t let the elephant die.
Copyright Daniel Glen Timms 2017
Track Name: Workin' My Time Away
They say a life unreflected as a life wasted. In my time I’ve been tested, not every drop was tasted. And sometimes it feels like been Workin’ My Time Away. Burning at midnight. Back up at the crack of another day. Workin‘ My Time Away. And the way things have happened, got me living like a hermit. With all the years gone by, I can tell you now, I’ve earned it. Then like a lunar eclipse of the sun, day turned into night. Followed by love of labor lost. Was a lesson to to get right.
Copyright Daniel Glen Timms 2017
Track Name: Dreaming Raft
Bring in the gift from the divine. Along the mystic shore, through true, eternal mind. Climb on the Dreaming Raft, float down the river to the sea. That place we're looking for, beyond the ancient core of trees. Right past the waterfall, Held in the Hallowed Hall Of Love. Taking a trip to the other side. Those who’ve gone before, guide us to the light. Heart of an ocean, far and wide. Aboard a silver ship, across the great divide. Climb on the Dreaming Raft. Climb on the Dreaming Raft.
Copyright Daniel Glen Timms 2017
Track Name: Convoluted Days
Convoluted Days. Uh oh. I think we lost our way. Oh oh oh. What’s a man to say? Hey, hey, hey, these Convoluted Days. So many crazy things are just about to make me lose my mind. Lying lawyers talking and our leaders leading from behind. Rotten politicians taking all the money they can find, Oh No. Distracted by new devices tracking everywhere we roam. Masterpieces listened on tiny, little telephones. Cold screen communication, isolated in our homes. Ken and Barbie on the news, giving me the nightly blues. Only on the left or right. everything is black or white. Leaves me crying in the rain, while the world eoes insane, Oh No.
Copyright Daniel Glen Timms 2017
Track Name: Moved On
Call me up crying on the phone last night after all these years. You tell me that your man don’t understand what we held so dear. No one really knows the secret of a soul, who we really love. Baby in the end, we can’t pretend, it’s far too late. And I don’t wanna hear it anymore. I’m the one you left crawling on the floor. It’s been way too long, and time marches on, oh, oh. I know we’ll never know what was down that road or what could have been. Now I guess you think that then is now and now is then. I loved you from the first time that I saw your face. It’s been so long and you did me wrong, I must refrain. And I don’t wanna feel you anymore. The one in that mirror on our door. Those days are gone. I have Moved On, oh, oh. Tried to find the ties that bind with someone else. But every time my soul inside, only you could feel. Cause that something that we had was so real. And I don’t wanna see you anymore. Those stars in your eyes forever gone. Here is my song, as I say so long my Love.
Copyright Daniel Glen Timms 2017
Track Name: Time Trippin' Traveler
Take me back five thousand years, circle of stone, great pyramids. Majestic memory of a redwood tree, How modern man came to be. The mighty, golden Sun King rising softly through the haze. Now I sit here wondering, through the long, hot summer day. I dream the drops of time melt away. I’m a Time Trippin’ Traveler, riding high on the wind. Time Trippin’ Traveler, riding high on the wind. Time Trippin’ Traveler. Carved in rock, a perfect shape. measured moons, tracking space. A portal to a distant star. Bring them close, from so far. Mythic nights were glowing. A zillion candles in the sky. Ever true and knowing. a loving, universal mind. Light illuminating in my naked eye. That day will come. We fly across the universe, through space and time. As one, inside and out. Release our soul to him, Our Lord, in love. He cares for us, our Lord is Love.
Copyright Daniel Glen Timms 2017
Track Name: It Would Be Easy
With all the hateful people coming out of the blue. It only makes me appreciate someone like you. With the killing all around us, and the separation king, He only points to all the difference, instead of what we share between. And It Would Be Easy to lose faith in all mankind. It Would Be Easy, if my heart was so inclined. It Would Be Easy to give up on peace and trust. It Would Be Easy. But I will never cease to reach out with Good Love. With all these hollow leaders, their words not ringing true. They’ll tell you almost anything, but they rarely see them through. Like Nero and his fiddle, And the burning back in Rome. There’s no meeting in the middle. They tear apart our sacred home. Sometimes it’s hard to find a reason to believe. I look around and see the treason and the grief. A girl’s betrayal could have turned me into stone. But I never ceased to reach out With Good Love. With Good Love. Reach out with Good Love.
Copyright Daniel Glen Timms 2017